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Ration Balancing Software

The Ration balancing module is an optimum combination of an advanced cow model, the knowledge of your cattle nutrition specialist and the potential of your animals. This advanced calculation model is available to every cattle farmer participating in milk testing and also having the disposal of milk measurement, feed concentrate provision through a processing computer and a good internet connection.


Optimum feed results

Using operational, animal and feed details, this model calculates what basic dietary ration an individual cow consumes and how much feed concentrate is needed to achieve the best possible feed results. Using objectives set in advance by the cattle farmer and advisor, the feed concentrate advice is automatically adjusted for your animals. This results in an improvement up to €100 per cow per year.


Power of Ration Balancing

  • Healthy animals

    Your animals will always be healthy for the next lactation, because extremes are excluded. The animals are not challenged further than they can manage, so that fertility problems are reduced and udder health improves.

  • A higher feed balance through a higher milk yield and lower costs

    The advice from your advisor is read directly into the process computer. The cow model calculates the optimum concentrate dose based on the desired production objectives, the total basic ration, the animal’s characteristics and the reaction of the animal to the advised concentrate dose (animal’s potency).

  • Feed strategy in your own hands

    Alongside the anticipated milk yield, together with your advisor you also determine the absolute minimum or maximum concentrate dose. This can be calculated on the basis of lactation days. In this way you decide for yourself the freedom which ‘YieldFeeding’ has in a specific lactation phase.

  • Labour-saving

    You no longer have to modify the concentrate dose yourself. Animals get exactly the quantity of concentrate needed on the basis of the ration, daily production and also anticipated production. So you don’t have to fear that an animal which temporarily reduces its milk yield will immediately stop receiving concentrate.

Both the farmer and the advisor have total control over the degree of challenging the animals. The animals are challenged to make the best possible use of the basic ration. The needs of the individual animal are the starting point here. This means that the best possible balance between the animals’ performance and health will be achieved with YieldFeeding.

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