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Dairy Monitoring

Real-time automatic calculation of key figures with DairyExpert

Accurate calculation of key figures is vital for measuring feed results. So why is linking and calculating these key figures such a time-consuming task?


Both the cattle farmer and the advisor are used to retrieving their data from a variety of sites. Retrieving this fragmented data takes a huge amount of time, because it needs to be linked and calculated by the cattle farmers or the advisors themselves.

A better alternative, for both the cattle farmer and the advisor, would be for all data to arrive automatically at exactly the same place.

The power of Dairy monitoring

DairyExpert has been developed for the convenience of the dairy farmer and advisor. With DairyExpert both the cattle farmer and the advisor have an instrument which can track the current technical and economic results of the dairy operation through a website. The various overviews and the management dashboard are intended to offer an insight into the trends, and to give the cattle farmer management information and guidance proactively. DairyExpert is fully equipped to support the cattle farmer’s business operations in an easy way.


DairyExpert monitors:

  • Milk yields and feed costs
  • Milk production figures
  • Milk tests with insight
  • Animal health (incl. udder health and fertility)

What you get

You get a tailor-made, user-friendly and accessible web application with which:

  • You can calculate key figures in real-time and automatically
  • You can easily monitor the results of the implemented rationing and animal management
  • You can enter milk tests and feed deliveries automatically
  • You can see current attention items and key figures
  • You can read and process as much data as possible automatically (including feed order details and tank milk figures)


“DairyExpert Easy monitoring, better advice”


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