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Feed Advice

FeedExpert is based on the scientific cow model. This model calculates the cow’s daily feed intake and requirements for energy, protein and minerals. We can also deliver FeedExpert with a rumen system.


With FeedExpert it’s easy to compare different items of feed advice using graphics and tables. This lets the farmer see in a convenient way just what effect a feed advice is having on the cow. A QuickScan is included in the program, which can provide a rapid overview, or from which norms can be retrieved. You can modify these norms yourself. 


Dietary advice

FeedExpert is a feed adviceprogram which automatically calculates the best suitable feed for a diet. Diets are also optimised from the feed range you have indicated. You support the feed advice using the various tools and graphics. The program also has an up-to-date and flexible input and advice model, various feed value systems and modules which are applicable to your feed advice.


With FeedExpert you can connect with your clients’ business operations by choosing accents in the advice. You can choose to focus on energy, protein, low cost, urea reduction, production stimulation or rumen synchronisation. With the intelligent concentrate choice, FeedExpert calculates the most suitable concentrate from the selection you have made. You can set building up the composition of the concentrate feeding of starting cows, reducing to dry cows, manually.

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