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BusinessExpert is a CRM package focused on the business operations and commercial success of companies in agribusiness.

Feed advisors like to get around. So why is it that they actually spend half their time in the office, writing reports?


Incomplete client administration

Writing reports is often regarded as a burden. What it actually means is that the business advisor is not selling, but is doing admin, and preferably that’s postponed to a fixed time during the week. However, when a commercial challenge arises, the advisor will probably take challenge and leave the paperwork at the office. So a report doesn’t get done, because the advisor has no longer the details properly at hand.

But what happens then when a colleague has to take over the client? Then the colleague has to decipher the advisor’s handwriting and sets off with half of the information. The consequence is an incomplete and inaccurate client administration, whose most serious result could be the loss of clients through the business advisor’s inefficient working methods.

What you need is a system where the business advisor is no longer dependent on the place of entry, where he is always ready with the client details and where he can augment or change these on the spot.


It can be done differently

Unfortunately such (CRM) systems are installed on the work computer, so that the business advisor cannot compile the visit reports anywhere except in the office. What every business advisor needs is a system that:

  • Is location-independent
  • Ensures that client details can be retrieved, changed and augmented at any time of the day
  • Produces well-organised reports

Lets client details be shared easily with colleagues.

At the same time this system must be able to produce well-organised reports for the guidance of your business advisor(s).


Sector-specific CRM system

BusinessExpert has been made with this in mind. A sector-specific CRM system in which not only the commercial contacts are recorded, but you are also assisted in guiding your staff using well-organised reports. In terms of interactivity and set-up, BusinessExpert has been developed with the web in mind. It’s an online application, so that BusinessExpert is available from any location with any device which has an internet connection.

BusinessExpert benefits

  • Easily record all the information
  • Produce well-organised reports
  • Share information with colleagues for a smooth transfer
  • Consult and enter information, at any time and from anywhere
  • View the commercial progress of the feed advisor based on a client forecast
  • Link to the internal software
  • Client-specific implementation

What you get

With BusinessExpert you get a CRM system set up the way you would like it, with efficiency and time-savings being its basic starting points. You get a tool where you are assisted in guiding your staff using well-organised reports. A system which contributes to commercial success and a long-lasting client relationship. Before the appointment the business advisor can also go through the latest details, and afterwards in the parking lot, enter the visit report directly.


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